Wednesday , 28 July 2021

Climatic Zones and Regions of Pakistan with rainfall data

Pakistan lies in the monsoon region, yet its climate is mostly dry.There is a great variation in the patterns of rainfall in different climatic zones and regions of Pakistan.The average annual rainfall in Pakistan is 255 mm. The climatic zones and regions of Pakistan with there representative cities are as under: List of Climatic zones and Regions of Pakistan Arid and …

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Methylene Blue Test Procedure & Protocol

This post will explain the methylene blue test. It is also sometimes called methylene reduction blue test. Introduction Methylene blue test is based on the work done by Wilson (1935) and Milk Regulations 1963. This test is used to check the contamination of bacteria in the sample of milk. It tells us about the viable count of bacteria that may …

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3G in Pakistan – Future Prospects

3G in Pakistan is now available. A bidding ceremony for the licensing of 4G and 3G in Pakistan was held on 23rd April, 2014 in Islamabad. Four mobile companies took part in the bidding process and got different shares. Among these four companies, three has got the 3G license including Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone. Zong telecommunication has won the bidding …

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Importance of eBook?

trend of an ebook

What is an eBook..? “eBook” (also called as electronic or digital book) is a digital version of a book. This version is installed with graphics, images and clear user friendly texts that can be read and studied on electronic gadgets. Importance of ebook in present life style has revolutionized the learning process. Overview of the importance of eBooks..! eBooks have gained …

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