Indo-Pak History Books and Notes

Indo-Pak History

Indo-Pak history is complete optional subject in CSS (Central superior services) of 200 marks. In PMS there is an optional subject of History. In this subject the weight-age of Indo-Pak history is of about 50 marks. This post mostly concentrates on the pre war history of India & Pakistan. It encompasses the history after 712 and before 1857. Sindh was …

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Food Quality Assurance Books

ISO 9000 Quality Systems handbook download

Importance of Food Quality Assurance Food Quality assurance and quality management play a key role in the success of food industries. Their importance can never be denied. All the quality management systems ensure total quality of food. The application in a food industry is a must. ISO 9000:2000, ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 all ensure quality if implemented properly. These …

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General Knowledge about Pakistan – Facts and Figures

General Knowledge about Pakistan

General knowledge about Pakistan is presented here. This post contains a collection of facts and figures about Pakistan. It is important from historical perspective. Most of these figures and questions are asked in national competitive exams. It includes information about earlier political personalities. Geographical details and other national info has also been added. The information is gathered and shared in …

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CSS-PMS Books for English Compulsory

CSS books for english. PMS books for english

Importance of English Language English is a major barrier to cross in competitive examinations. Especially for students in Pakistan, one has to study hard to get him/herself over the line. Most of the students fail the English subject according to statistics. Essay paper is considered the toughest by the candidates. I personally feel that no subject is tougher. It is …

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Holy Quran With Urdu Translation

Holy Quran

Islam is the second largest religion of the world. Its follower are called Muslims. Holy Quran is the book revealed by Allah Almighty for the Muslims. It is the most read book in the world. It has been translated into a large number of languages. There are hundreds of books on the exegesis of Holy Quran. This book has the …

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