Thursday , 20 January 2022

Marketing Management 15th Edition pdf Download

Marketing Management 15th Edition Kotler Keller

Marketing Management 15th edition is a book on marketing. It is also popularly known as Kotler Keller Marketing Management. Before going into the review of Philip Kotler’s Marketing management book, let’s have a look at marketing. Marketing is a process of selling products and services which¬† enables communication of a new product to the target audience. In every business, marketing …

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Emerging Technologies for Food Processing pdf 2nd Edition

Emerging technologies for food processing pdf

Emerging technologies for food processing is a detailed book on recent advances in food technology. With the passage of time the processing of food is being modified. New methods and procedures are in practice to process food. Research in the field of food processing has been constantly carried out. Easier, efficient and more optimized ways of processing foods are devised. …

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Drying Fruits and Vegetables made easy

drying fruits and vegetables pdf download

Drying fruits and vegetables is a brief and concise catalog for drying of foods. Specifically fruits and vegetables drying is illustrated. Drying is a preservation technique of immense importance. It has been in practice since pre historic times. Drying removes moisture from foods. As moisture is not available, so activity of microbes is hampered. Drying of fruits and vegetables is …

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Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition

Encyclopedia of Food Sciences & Nutrition pdf free download

Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition is a very comprehensive book regarding topics of food science and nutrition science. The encyclopedia contains about 6400 pages. Like most other encyclopedias this one also has topics given in alphabetical order. Individual topic on Food science and technology does not contain just a mere introduction and definition. Instead a complete brief description is …

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Automation in Food Industry Processing Plant

Automation CIP

Automation in Food industry is on rise. The use of machines, information technology and different control systems for efficient productivity is called Automation. Automation ensures the optimized production of goods and services. For the last 50 years there is a great increase in plant automation. Computer technologies have revolutionized the automation of industries. Automation in food industry is also seeing …

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