Tuesday , 27 July 2021

Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications

Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications pdf free

Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications is an eBook on extrusion technology. It is edited by Robin Guy. As the name indicates, this book has some technologies and applications. Extrusion is actually divided into two categories. The one with processing temperature above 100°C is called extrusion cooking. Part one of eBook deals with general influences of extrusion cooking on the quality …

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Handbook of Nutrition and Food pdf

Handbook of Nutrition and Food free download

Handbook of Nutrition and Food is an encyclopedic book. It is edited by Carolyn D. Berdanier. This eBook is an excellent book on food and nutrition. It contains more than 1600 pages. Handbook of Nutrition and food has an initial table of tables. These table actually show the food constituents like Carbohydrates, sugars, fats, protein etc. Their content in different …

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Food Plant Design and Layout

Food plant design and layout

Food plant design is an eBook by Taylor and Francis group. It was published in 2005. Food industries need a careful planning at the time of establishment. Food commodities are injested, so they need to be hygienic. Any flaw or construction error in a food industry can cause serious consequences in the future. Food plant design explains the layout design …

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Imam Bukhari – Life History Biography

Life events of Imam Bukhari

Imam Bukhari’s full name is Hazrat Imam Mohammad Bin Ismail Bukhari (R.A).  He is known by many titles like Hafiz ul Hadees and Sayyed ul Muhaddisin. Life History of Imam Bukhari (R.A) Imam Bukhari was born in 810 A.D (194 Hijri) in Bukhara. At a very young age he memorized about 70 thousand hadiths. When he got to 16 years …

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Mustadrak Hakim Hadith pdf Download

Mustadrak Hakim pdf urdu download

Mustadrak Hakim is a collection of hadith. It is also known as Mustadrak al Sahihain. This book also contains more than a thousand hadiths taken from popular hadith books. Imam Al-Hakim is the writer of Mustadrak. He was a Muslim scholar of 4th century Hijri. The eBook available for download in this post is actually an Urdu translation. Translation in Urdu has …

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