Thursday , 29 July 2021

Heer Waris Shah Punjabi Poetry Story pdf download

Heer Waris Shah is poetic collection of a folk tale written by Waris Shah (R.A). The folk tale is about a love story of Heer and Ranjha. But Heer Waris Shah should not be taken as love story because Waris Shah’s poetry has added an Islamic tint to this tale. It has emerged as a poetry collection with Islamic teachings. …

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Shamail e Kubra Urdu pdf free download

Shamail e Kubra Uswa e Hasna

Shamail e Kubra is a book on Uswa e Hasna. By Uswa e Hasna we mean the Holy habits and Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The book is written by Mufti Muhammad Irshad Al Qasmi. It is a comprehensive and detailed book that gives information about the seerat of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The book holds a great reputation in the Indo-Pak …

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Tafseer e Mazhari Urdu pdf free download

Tafseer e Mazhari

Tafseer e Mazhari is a Sunni Tafseer of Holy Quran written by Qazi Sana Ullah Usmani Mujadidi Pani Patti (R.A) popularly known as Qazi Sana Ullah Pani Patti (R.A). This exegesis of Holy Quran which is widely accepted and read by Muslims of different schools of thought. It is written according to the Hanafi jurisprudence and has been translated in …

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Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

Piaget's theory of Cognitive development

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development is the most influential theory of cognition. Jean Piaget was a Swiss Psychologist. He lived from 1896 to 1980. He proposed that cognitive development in children proceeds through four stages. The order of these stages is fixed. The development in children is different than that of adults. The understanding, knowledge acquired and information processed at …

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Urdu Language and Literature – Facts and Figures

Urdu language originated in Indian Sub-continent. That area was inhabited by people from different nationalities and ethnic groups. The intermingle and social interaction resulted in development of a new language called Urdu. No single language can be considered as the source of Urdu language. Urdu contains words from many languages. The speaking style and many words of Urdu are close to …

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