Sassi Punnu Story by Hashim Shah Punjabi Urdu pdf

Sassi Punnu Urdu

Sassi Punnu story is the name of a regional folk lore belonging to area Bhambore of Sindh. Sassi and Punnu are the names of two lovers whose love proved to be immortal. This story has become a part of the culture of this area. It has been demonstrated in literature, art and paintings and popular culture. Sassi Punnu Story in literature …

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Consumer Behavior 12th Edition pdf Schiffman free download

Consumer behavior Schiffman 10th edition download

Consumer behavior 12th edition is a well renowned eBook. It is an intermingle of many sciences. It simply concentrates on understanding the behavior of consumers in buying and purchasing of a product. Consumer behavior has emerged as a major field of study in marketing.¬†Consumer Behavior 10th Edition is also one of the most demanded books on consumer behavior. There are …

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Musnad Abu Hanifa Urdu pdf download by Imam Azam (R.A)

Musnad Imam Azam Abu Hanifa (R.A)

Musnad Abu Hanifa (R.A) is a collection of hadith by Imam Azam. Imam Azam is the title of Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A). He is first of the four Imams who practised jurisprudence in early days of Islam. He is the founder of Hanafi school of thought in Islam. Life events and history of Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A) are available in …

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Muslim Scientists – Life history and Contributions

Muslim Scientists life events inventions contributions

Islam emerged as a great force in the seventh century. Muslim conquerors conquered vast areas of Africa, Europe and Asia. The golden age of Muslims started with the spread of knowledge and education. There was an effective system of education in the Muslim empires. Baghdad remained as a center of learning for centuries. The educational institutes were the Mosques and …

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Urdu Books free Download pdf Online

Urdu Books pdf

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. It is read and understood in many parts of the world. India contains a large population of Urdu speakers. Urdu as a language contains words of other languages as well. It is a mixture, blend and contains words from Punjabi, English, Arabic, Persian etc. Urdu books also have a long history. For an …

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