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Exploring Lifespan Development 4th edition pdf Review

Exploring Lifespan development is a continuation of books reviewed on human development. Laura E Berk is the author of book. She has affiliation with Illinois State University U.S.A having extensive work on child education and development. Similarly, she is the author of many renowned books on children development. This book focuses on psychological and biological foundations of human development. At the same time, book also considers the sociological development as well. This post contains a short review of “Exploring Lifespan development 4th edition“.

Exploring Lifespan development 4th edition pdf

Fourth edition of the book came into scene in 2017. As stated above that exploring lifespan development merges the work of several sciences. The book contains various parts. Each part deals with a particular domain of study. The theory and research of human development make the prorogue. Then we have the foundations of development. In foundation biology, heredity and environment is discussed. The pre-birth stages also come in a separate chapter.

Exploring Lifespan development 3rd edition.

A section of this book deals Infancy and Toddlerhood. As we know that these are the first two years of human growth. Book therefore contains 3 types of developments in this section including Physical, cognitive and social development. Similarly, Exploring Lifespan development then takes the same type of development in other stages. Development from 2 to 6 and 6 to 11 is markedly different. So, different sections deal this development.

Two chapters thoroughly explain the onset of adolescence in humans. Moreover, the discussion of Physical and cognitive development is separate than social development. The adulthood stage in the lifespan of human beings is also quite complex. The text then presents a thorough insight into this stage. Authors divides adulthood into three stages namely early, middle and late adulthood.

Finally, the book concludes with a chapter on death and dying. So, Exploring Lifespan development is a well directed book on human growth and development. It also successfully merges different sciences to understand human life stages.

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