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Essentials of Contemporary Management 7th edition pdf

Essentials of Contemporary Management 7th edition is a book on management. Its authors are Jennifer M George and Gareth R Jones. Both authors are professors at Texas A&M University’s School of business. Latest 7th edition of the book came on scene in 2016. It is a to the point version of contemporary management. Book publisher is McGraw-Hill Education. 

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Essentials of Contemporary Management 7th edition

As the name tells, this book focuses on modern approaches to management. Comprising of 560 books, it a concise book. It provides brief of the core concepts of this field of study. Essentials of Contemporary Management keeps the text interesting for students. At the same time, the text remains relevant. Writing style of the book is simple. Students can easily understand the concept which the authors want to give. It catches their attention while providing the requisite knowledge. It also provides the most up to date information on management.

Essentials of Contemporary Management 7th edition

Now a days there are increasing challenges in business. Management practices thus require tackling of these issues. Essentials of Contemporary Management addresses these issues appropriately. Students also apply management techniques on real life examples. Moreover, the book has a practical approach.

Essentials of Contemporary Management considers many aspects of management in business. Its sole focus is on the management practices of modern age. Human resource management now a days also requires special care. This is due to the fact that employees now have multi-factorial problems at the work place.

Download Essentials of Contemporary Management 7th edition from here.

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