200 Urdu Muhavare Kahawatain (Proverbs and Phrases)

Urdu language is spoken by millions of people having South Asian background. It is relatively new language as compared to other languages of the same location. As Urdu does not have much longer history, it has the ability to absorb many words from other languages of the world. Urdu Muhavare Kahawatain and Idioms were added in the language as the time progressed. Most of these Urdu Proverbs have a relation with a certain instance and happening and then became popular as saying. This post shares some of the commonly spoken idioms and phrases in Urdu language. Moreover, detailed overview of the origin of Urdu with pioneering contributions can be found in the following post.

Urdu language and literature facts and figures

Urdu Muhavare Kahawatain (Urdu Idioms and Phrases)

Like English idioms Urdu idioms also have a totally different apparent meaning. So it sometimes becomes very difficult to grasp the true meaning and concept of spoken sentences. Urdu Muhavare Kahawatain are usually called as Zarbul Imsaal. Given below is list of hundreds of Urdu idioms and phrases along with their meaning in Urdu language.

The examples of some of the Urdu Muhavare Kahawatain (idioms and phrases) in Roman Urdu are as follows.

  • Apni Apni Dafli Apna Apna Raag.
  • So Sunar Ki Aik Lohar Ki.
  • Saanjhy Ki Haandi Churahe Mai Phooty.
  • Andha Baanty Revrian Apnon Hi Ko Dey.
  • Ankh Ka Andha Ganth Ka Pura.
  • Aik Karela Dusra Neem Charha.
  • Okhli Main Dia Sir To Moslon Se Kya Dar.
  • Oonghty Ko Thelty Ka Bahana.
  • Bandar Kya Jane Adrak Ka Sawad.
  • Ount Ky Moun Mai Zera.
  • Jo Bidh Gya So Moti Reh Gya So Kankar.

The meanings of these and many other Urdu Muhavare Kahawatain (Idioms and Proverbs) can be found in the below given images. You can share any other Urdu Muhavare Kahawatain (idioms and phrases) which you do not find in the below given list.

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