Wednesday , 21 February 2018

PMS 2014 (Pakistan) announced

PMS 2014

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has announced the PMS 2014. Name of advertisement is under Combined Competitive Examinaton-2014. For advertisement check the PPSC Website. What is PMS / Introduction to PMS PMS is an abbreviation of Provincial Management Services. This competitive exam is regularly held after a few years to fill different administrative posts in Punjab Province of Pakistan. …

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Food Flavorings pdf Book Review

Food flavorings is a book written by Philip R. Ashurst. It is a valuable book in the field of flavor technology. Food flavorings explains flavor compounds in different food groups for the separate and clear understanding of each one separately. The groups mentioned in the book include dairy foods, beverage products, confectionery & baking items, snack foods etc. For manipulation …

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Fats in Food Technology by Rajah

Book Title: Fats in Food Technology Review: Fats are a major component of foods and provide the required energy for living organisms. They also enhance the mouth feel of the food product and contribute to satiety. Apart from that, there are several benefits and uses of fats in nature. This is an ebook review of “Fats in food technology”. This …

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Active Packaging for Food Applications

Among modern packaging concepts “active packaging” is the most useful. “Active Packaging for food applications” is a concise and authentic book on food packaging. Book is edited by Aaron L. Brody, Eugene R. Strupinsky and Lauri R. Kline. It illustrates the importance of effective packaging for foods. This book efficiently introduces the topic of active packaging. Then, it describes the …

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Climatic Zones and Regions of Pakistan with rainfall data

Pakistan lies in the monsoon region, yet its climate is mostly dry.There is a great variation in the patterns of rainfall in different climatic zones and regions of Pakistan.The average annual rainfall in Pakistan is 255 mm. The climatic zones and regions of Pakistan with there representative cities are as under: List of Climatic zones and Regions of Pakistan Arid and …

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