Imam Allama Fakhruddin Razi (R.A)

Imam Razi

Imam Fakhruddin Razi is very famous in the Muslim world. Reason of fame is that he used philosophy and logic to prove the reality of Islam. Although according to some eminent Ulama, Intuition and belief is the ultimate source of getting religious light. Intellect according to them cannot help to reach the truth. Prominent among those include Imam Ghazali. But …

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Imam Ghazali – A Great Muslim Thinker

Imam Ghazali

Imam Ghazali – a great Muslim thinker. He is included among the most renowned Muslim scholar. He was a teacher and trainer of morality and spirituality. Even the critics from west are admirers of the broad vision and intellect of Ghazali. His book have been translated in all major European languages. Birth and Early life of Ghazali Full name of …

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Indo-Pak History MCQs solved papers

Indo-PAK history MCQs paper

Indo-Pak History is an optional subject in competitive examinations. It comes under the name of Indo-Pak History in CSS. In PMS there is a general history paper comprising Indo-PAK history as a portion. Considering CSS, both of the papers contain 40 MCQs. The objective portion or MCQs effect the overall score largely. So, getting good marks in MCQs is a …

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CSS Past Papers 2014 – With MCQs

CSS English Precis and Composition Past PAPER-2

This post is written specifically for sharing the CSS past papers 2014. These past papers of CSS are in snapshot form of the original paper. Unluckily the objective or MCQs portion is taken during the exam. But effort has been done to share as many MCQs as possible. CSS examination 2014 was held from 15th February 2014 to 28 February …

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Personal Nutrition 9th edition pdf Download

Personal Nutrition 9th edition pdf

Personal nutrition 9th edition is a famous book on nutrition. This is an article about short review of Personal Nutrition 9th edition.  It has been published in many editions. Given here is a brief review of this book. Personal Nutrition 9th Edition Personal nutrition 9th edition is written by Marie A. Boyle and Sara Long Roth. This is an excellent …

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