Understanding Nutrition 14th edition pdf Download

Understanding Nutrition 14th edition is another entry in the category of books on nutrition. It is another step towards Understanding Nutrition. Like the previous post of Personal Nutrition, this book is also very enchanting. Please note that another updated version of the book has already been published. Understanding Nutrition 14th Edition pdf As the name indicates “Understanding Nutrition 14th edition” really …

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Strawberry Jam Recipe for Diabetics

Diet Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is an amazing treat to have. Strawberries have plenty of health uses. They have antioxidant properties. We can preserve the benefits and taste of strawberries in the form of jam. This post is mostly concerned with Diet strawberry jam. As diabetes is wide spread so those patients can safely use this product. Recipe of Diet Strawberry Jam is …

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Irrigation & Canal System of Pakistan

Canal System of Pakistan

Before looking at the irrigation & canal system of Pakistan, firstly what a canal is? Canal can be regarded as a man made waterway that serves the functions of drainage or irrigation. Canal takes the water from the river and transports it to field area where utilization is made. The canals come out of rivers, dams, and barrages. Canal System …

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Botanical names of trees and plants

Botanical names of trees, neem tree

Trees are a blessing of nature. They have plenty of benefits including their aesthetic value. Given below are the common and botanical names of trees found commonly in Pakistan and India. The botanical families of these tree species is also given. List of Botanical names of Trees Common name Botanical Name Family Sheesham Dalbergia sissoo Leguminosae Devil Tree Alstonia scholaris …

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Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry 3rd Edition

Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry

What is Dairy Science? Dairy science is a major division in Food Science and Technology. Dairy Science deals with milk and milk products in detail. Milk is a secretion obtained from the mammary glands of milch animals. It is almost a perfect diet. Milk contains essential carbohydrates, fats and protein. Major portion of milk is water. A lot of advancement …

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