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Extruders in Food Applications pdf

Extruders in Food Applications pdf free download

“Extruders in food applications” is an eBook written by Mian N. Riaz. He is a Pakistani author. This book is unique in its own. It not only explains the extrusion process but also elaborates the working of extruders. Extruders are the machines that process the food by working in the principle of extrusion. The resulted product is called extruded food. ...

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Desertification in Pakistan and its Control

deforestation and desertification in pakistan and climate change

Desertification in Pakistan has become a major problem to sustainable agriculture and social setup. Pakistan is a country with its greater area comprising of drylands. Arid and semi-arid constitute 80% of its total area. Livelihood of a huge Pakistan population is dependent on drylands. Pakistan is a developing country. It is also it severely by desertification and land degradation. Land ...

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HACCP in the Meat Industry

HACCP in the Meat Industry pdf free

HACCP is the acronym of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. HACCP has got immense importance in the food industry. HACCP in the Meat Industry has also got significance. HACCP approach minimizes losses and ensures higher product quality. The book starts with the introduction of HACCP. Then its importance and regulatory status in the European Union and USA is highlighted. Before ...

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Urdu Dictionary pdf free Download

urdu dictionary

Urdu evolved as a language in Indo Pak Subcontinent during Muslim rule. It is the national language of Pakistan. A large number of people in India also speak Urdu. Urdu has absorbed words from different languages. It is said that there are about 3 parts of Punjabi in Urdu out of 4. Similarly, it is also said that Punjabi language ...

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Universities in Islamabad Rawalpindi

Status of Education & Universities in Rawalpindi-Islamabad

Universities in Islamabad Rawalpindi have increased in number. Pakistan is a developing country. Its education sector is also evolving and improving. Since the establishment of Higher Education Commission (HEC) in 2002 there is great boom in number of indigenous doctorate students. Higher educational facilities are centered in some large cities of Pakistan. These include Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. ...

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