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Introduction to Psychology pdf J. Kalat

Introduction to Psychology kalat is an introductory book on Psychology. It is written by James W. Kalat. Author belongs to North Carolina State University. 10th edition is the latest entry for this book. Introduction to Psychology is published by Wadsworth Cengage learning. James Kalat has also been co-author in some other books. Given in this post is the review of a latest edition of this book. Before going through the post, consider reading these.

Themes & Variations (Psychology Book)

Introduction to Psychology – Review

Introduction to Psychology is actually a textbook of psychology. It covers most of the traditional topics & concepts of psychology. There are sixteen chapters in total. Chapters are further divided into modules for students. Book gives comprehensive introduction to Psychology. The scientific methods and method of research in Psychology make initial chapters.

James W. Kalat specializes in biological psychology. The 3rd chapter of biological psychology provides practical information on biological basis of psychology. It has a module dedicated to the study of drugs and their effects. Unlike other books, “Introduction to Psychology” has a practical approach. It emphasizes practical insight along with theoretical understanding.

Another highlight of Intro to Psychology is chapter on consciousness. This aspect is overlooked in many books on Psychology. James Kalat has given due attention to consciousness and unconsciousness processes. In this chapter, there is a separate module on sleep and dreams. It explains our brain functioning and psychology during sleep.

Introduction to Psychology pdf gives short and precise information on therapies. The individual therapies are not stretched to explain. This might prove helpful to the students in memorizing the key concept.

Introduction to Psychology James Kalat 10th Edition pdf.

Overall, Intro to Psychology is a great effort by the author. It can be taught as a textbook in educational institutions. The concept check questions and summaries involved are a plus point to learners.

Download Introduction to Psychology 10th edition from Google books here.

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