Beginning and Intermediate Algebra 5th edition

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra 5th edition is an exhaustive study on basic algebra. This textbook serves to cater the needs of students who want to learn the basics of algebra. It also serves as the platform for them to study more advance courses in mathematics. Beginning and Intermediate Algebra is a joint effort of three authors. These include Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby and Terry McGinnis. The book is published by Pearson Education. This post present a brief overview of Beginning and Intermediate Algebra 5th edition.

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra 5th Edition.

5th edition of this book includes many important changes keeping in view the changing educational environment. The style and methods of teaching are evolving with the passage of time. So, the books are also updated to keep pace with the changing world. Beginning and Intermediate Algebra targets students who are new to algebra. Many student feel Algebra as a tough field of mathematics. Similarly, others consider it a challenge to grasp the concepts of algebra. This book promises to helps the new comers.

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra 5th edition pdf

Following is the list of changes and addition in the latest edition.

  • The video library access helps students to watch videos related to a particular algebraic concept.
  • Similarly, My Work Book option is another addition. It serves to provides examples and guides to students. Additional exercises are also a part of my work book.
  • Many activities are added to improve study skills of students.
  • There is a revision in the presentation of concepts and topics.
  • Finally, the 5th edition includes many content changes.

So, Beginning and Intermediate Algebra is a book that spans over 14 detailed chapters. The writing style of the book makes it a popular book on algebra. Students of high school and intermediate level can equally reap benefit from this text.

Download Beginning and Intermediate Algebra 5th edition from Google books. You can also study Beginning and Intermediate Algebra: An Integrated Approach from here.

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