Tuesday , 20 February 2018

Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach 4th Edition pdf free

Artificial Intelligence a modern approach 4th edition

Artificial intelligence is term in use since late twentieth century. It is the intelligence by machines. Artificial intelligence (AI) is linked to computers mostly. Machines in contrast to natural intelligence can access there environment and take actions accordingly. Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach 4th Edition is the latest book by Stuart Russell and‎ Peter Norvig. Published in 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing …

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Essentials of Economics 10th Edition pdf Schiller

Essentials of economics 10th edition pdf schiller

Essentials of economics 10th edition is a concise book on economics. Written by Bradley R. Schiller, it is an excellent text focusing on students of a minor course. Bradley R. Schiller teaches at various institutions. He also has decades of experience in teaching economics. A brief review of book along with download links are as under. Essentials of Economics 10th edition …

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Essentials of Firefighting 6th edition pdf download

ssentials of firefighting and allied operations pdf

Firefighting is the act or process of extinguishing unwanted fires. This fire may arise in buildings, houses and other places in environment. Essentials of Firefighting 6th edition is a guide on basics of firefighting. Complete name of the book is Essentials of Firefighting and Fire Department Operations. IFSTA (International Fire Service Training Association) is the book author.  Essentials of Firefighting 6th edition Book …

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Shahab Nama Urdu by Qudratullah Shahab pdf free

Shahab Nama Urdu cover page

Shahab Nama Urdu book is an autobiography written by Qudratullah Shahab. He is a renowned Urdu writer of last century. The author was a Pakistani bureaucrat belonging to Indian Civil Service. He has served for many Pakistani governments and has remained at important positions during his service. Shahab nama contains experiences of Qudratullah Shahab as an officer. It contains experiences …

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PMS Compulsory Subjects Syllabus PPSC 2017

PMS Syllabus

PMS stands for Provincial Management Service. It is a provincial executive service renamed in 2004. Punjab Public Service Commission announces PMS competitive exams every year. PMS is announced under combined competitive examination. PMS 2017 has been announced today.. There are 19 posts of PMS, 1 seat for Assistant Director Local Fund Audit and 09 seats of ETO (Excise and Taxation …

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