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Sunan Ibn Majah is a Sihah Sitta hadith book. The book is authored by a Muslim scholar Ibn Majah. Like other authors of popular hadith books, Ibn Majah was also born in 9th century A.D. Exact year of his birth is 824 A.D. Ibn Majah spent most of his life years in writing. He got considerable respect as an Imam and scholar of hadith. Some of the literary works of Ibn Majah are the following.

1) Sunan Ibn Majah is his hadith collection book.

2) Kitab al-Tarikh is a historic book about Ravis of hadith.

3) Kitab al-Tafsir is his tafseer (exegesis) of Holy Quran.

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Only Sunan Ibn Majah can be found now a days. Sunan is the last of six authentic hadith books. Some scholars and school of thought do not include Sunan Ibn Majah in Sihah Sitta. They include Mota Imam Malik in the collection of six. But Sunan Ibn Majah is mostly included due to its uniqueness. Hadiths of Mota Imam Malik can also be found in other books of Sihah Sitta. More information on Sihah Sitta can be found by exploring previous posts here.

The present version of Sunan Ibn Majah is consisted of three volumes. First volume contains 1844 ahadees. Second volume comprises 1276 ahadees. Third volume has 1222 ahadees. So, more than 4 thousand hadiths are there in Ibn Majah Shareef. These four thousand hadith are distributed among fifteen hundred chapters.

eBook Title: Sunan Ibn Majah Shareef

Author: Imam Ibn Majah


Page Count:

Book Size: 28 MB

Format: pdf files in rar archive

Sunan Ibn Majah

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Sunan Abu Dawood pdf Urdu Download

Sunan Abu Dawood Shareef is an Islamic hadith book. It is written by Imam Abu Dawud Sulaiman Bin Al-Ibn Ishaq. He was born in 817 A.D at Kharasan. He belonged to the Hanbali school of thought. He was very expert in distinguishing a sound and a weak hadith. He was also an expert jurist. He wrote many Islamic books. Some of these include book of Al-Marasil, Al-Qadr, Az-Zuhd, Fazail al Amal etc. His most famous book is his Sunan. Sunan Abu Dawood is regarded as third most authentic book of hadith after Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. It is a part of Sihah Sitta. Imam Abu Dawood once said that he heard and wrote about five lac hadith of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). He then said that he selected 4800 of these and added in his Sunan. Imam Abu Dawood lived a religious life. He died in 889 A.D (Busra).

Sunan Abu Dawood

Sunan Abu Dawood like other hadith books is very comprehensive. The Urdu translated version shared in this post consists of about 3 volumes. First volume has 1750 Ahadees. 1597 Ahadees are contained in second volume of Sunan Abu Dawood. Third volume consists of 1831 Ahadees. Like other hadith books shared on bookhut, this set of eBook is also search friendly. Contents have topic headings which can be easily read by one click. Hadith books have Arabic hadith quotes with Urdu translation.

eBook Title: Sunan Abu Dawood Shareef

Author: Imam Abu Dawud

Volumes: 3

No. of Pages: 3699

Format: pdf files in rar archive

Size of Book: 33 MB

Sunan Abu Dawood Shareef

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Sahih Muslim Urdu pdf Download

Sahih Muslim is another Islamic book on hadith. It is authored by Imam Muslim. He is also known as Muslim Ibn al-Hajjaj. Imam Muslim was a famous Muslim scholar. He was born in 821 A.D in Nishapur (Iran). He visited many Islamic countries and also met Imam Bukhari. He wrote many Islamic books. These include Kitab al-Afrad, Kitab al-Musnad al Kabir, Kitab Aulaad us Sahaba etc. His biggest contribution to Islam is the compilation of hadith in Sahih Muslim. In this book he has included thousand of Ahadees. About 1900 hadiths are common with Sahih Bukhari. These ahadees are considered highly authentic. Being a part of Sihah Sitta, Sahih Muslim holds second position with respect to authenticity. Sahih Muslim also has hundreds of chapters in which relevant hadiths are included. This post shares an Urdu version of Sahih Muslim. It has 3 volumes of Sahih Muslim. Volume 1 has 2488 hadiths. Volume 2 contains 2003 hadiths. Volume 3 is added with 3066 hadiths. So, Sahih Muslim is the hadith book among Sihah Sitta containing maximum number of hadiths. Some sources state that Muslim Shareef contains 9200 hadiths. But as said earlier hadiths 1900 are same as in Sahih Bukhari.

eBooks Title: Sahih Muslim Shareef

Author: Imam Muslim Ibn Al-Hajjaj

Volumes: 3

Pages: 5309 combined

Size: 46.4 MB

Format: pdf files in rar archive

Translation: Urdu

Sahih Muslim pdf urdu

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