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General knowledge books are a great tool to enhance the mental ability. Children need such informative books to satisfy their inquiring minds. Students and general people also like to keep such books. General knowledge books actually contain interesting facts that are not known to us usually. They provoke a readers mind to study more of such material. Competitive exams, T.V shows etc contains question relating to general knowledge. In general knowledge we have two categories. One type of general knowledge is static and rarely changes. This includes historic information, facts about our earth, climate of earth, the solar system etc. Such information is the same in many General knowledge books. Other category of general knowledge is related to current affairs. It includes constantly changes happenings around us and in the globe. General knowledge books may not prove as mush fruitful to avail such knowledge of current affairs. Rather reading newspaper ans watching news channels is enough to be in pace with current happening. Internet has emerged as the largest source of getting general knowledge of every kind. Variety of General knowledge books are available on internet. In this post some popular books on general knowledge are shared. These are equally beneficial for students of competitive exams and also for general readers. Kids will also find the information contained in the book useful.

General knowledge books Free Download

1) Facts about our Earth (National Geographic answer book)General Knowledge Books for PMS

This is a book published by National geographic organization. The book contains facts about our earth and history. Geographic information is also contained in this General knowledge book.

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2) Science of Everyday things 4 Volume set

Volume 1 deals with Everyday Chemistry. Volume 2 deals with Everyday Physics. Volume 3 deals with Everyday Biology. Volume 4 deals with Earth Science. Download all the volumes in pdf for free.


Elementary Food Science pdf Download

Elementary Food Science can be regarded as an introductory book on food science. As the name indicates, it contains basic information about this field. But still a lot is there for the graduate students. Elementary Food Science is written by Ernest E. Vieira. This is the fourth edition of Elementary Food Science. First chapter of the book answers the most asked question that why food science? The scope and responsibilities of the field of food science is presented. The history of the advancement of food science since historic times is given. Different scientists doing pioneering work in food science are remembered. Elementary Food Science contains about 24 chapters. These are divided into five parts. Handling and processing of different food items is explained in this book. Readers will find some basic preservation methods. They will get themselves familiarized with food safety aspects. Food sanitation and quality control is given a due share in the book. The composition of food must be understood to be a good food scientist. Elementary Food Science elaborates the compositions and nutritive values of food. So, overall Elementary Food Science is a detailed and introductory book for beginners.

eBook Title: Elementary Food Science

Edition: FourthElementary Food Science pdf 4th edition

Author: Ernest E. Vieira

File Size: 53 MB

File format: pdf

No. of Pages: 370

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Tazkira tul Aulia Urdu pdf free Download

Tazkira tul Aulia means talk about the saints. This book is named Tazkira Aulia e Pak o Hind. The area of India and Pakistan is the home of so many Muslim saints. Tazkira tul Aulia remembers those Muslim sufis, saints and mystics. These great men have dedicated their lives for the cause of Islam. The preaching of Islam is Indo-Pakistan started after the conquest of Sindh in 712. Since then aulia (the friends of Allah) has played a key role in this preaching. Tazkira tul Auliya Pak o Hind is written by Dr. Zahoor ul Hassan Sharib. Book was published in October 1999. Tazkira tul Auliya is a very informative book. Data about the life events of mystics and sufis can be obtained from this book. So, it can be regarded both as an Islamic and history book. The book is written in Urdu language. Book is divided into nine part containing different saints and sufis. Auliya from different ages have been reviewed. The age may range from starting days of Islam to modern times. In total life histories of seventy saints are written in Tazkira Aulia e Pak o Hind. The original book named Tazkira tul Aulia also contains detailed information about Muslim saints. It is more famous than Tazkira Aulia e Pak o Hind. And also have been translated in many languages including Bangla and English. Overall a must read book for people interested in history. pdf free download of Tazkira tul Aulia is available.

eBook Title: Tazkira tul Aulia e Pak o Hind

Author: Dr. Zahoor ul Hassan Sharib

Page Count: 392

Size of Book: 46 MB

File format: pdf

Book Language: Urdu

Tazkira tul Aulia urdu pdf


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