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Friday , 28 October 2016

Class 4 English Book by Punjab Textbook Board

Class 4 English Book pdf free download.

This post features a review of Class 4 English book by Punjab Textbook board. The book is published under the supervision of Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Lahore. Its authors include Mr. Iftikhar Salim and Mrs. Nabila Gull. The editor of the book is Prof. Khalid Mahmood. The authors, editor and reviewers are all notable academicians. Class 4 English book is printed ...

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Online Lectures Available… !!!

Dear viewers, I hereby Muneeba Khan , graduated technologist providing assistance & guidance in research work and online lectures for the classes 6th to graduation especially for medical & science students. Anyone who is willing to join please contact me on

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Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions 9th edition

Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions 9th Edition Review 

Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions 7th ed is a book about clinical psychology & social work. The problems regarding those professions which are working to help others. Readers get  information about the ethics to do work in community. Issues & Ethics in the Helping Professions 9th edition is written by three writers who are working as counselors. The authors ...

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Essential Cell Biology 4th Edition pdf

Essential Cell Biology 4th Edition

Essential cell biology 4th edition is a book about  important & fundamental  biological facts of cell i.e the basic structure of body. Cell is the basic unit of the life an organism. Biology is that branch of science which deals with structure, function of organisms. Essential cell biology 4th edition Review Essential cell biology is a combined effort of 8 ...

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Understanding Pathophysiology 5th edition pdf

Understanding Pathophysiology 5th edition

A famous book from medicine field has been reviewed here. Understanding Pathophysiology 5th edition explains the Pathophysiology as two branches of science. Pathophysiology consist of two words pathology and physiology. The topic of functional changes resulting from disease is covered in the latest edition of this eBook. Understanding Pathophysiology 5th edition Review The authors of book Understanding Pathophysiology fifth edition are ...

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